City Website Improvement

The problem: The City of Fredericton website does not list a lot of important information. For instance, minutes of the Planning Advisory Committee (PAC) meetings are not posted on the website. This makes the origin and rationale of zoning recommendations obscure to members of the public who are not present at the PAC meetings. It is also very difficult for members of the public to attend certain meetings, because they take place at noon on weekdays, and some take place behind closed doors. Some meetings also take place without any notice on the City of Fredericton website.

Proposed solution: Post the following on the City of Fredericton website:

  1. Minutes and video recordings of all meetings, including meetings of the PAC, Council-in-Committee, the regular City Council, and all subcommittees
  2. Timely notices of all meetings, including special and emergency meetings

Recordings can be paused for portions of meetings which need to go in camera due to sensitive personnel issues and the like, and then resumed as soon as meetings come out of camera. Post recordings on YouTube and embed them on the City of Fredericton website for all to see. This way, the City will not pay the additional bandwidth and storage costs that would come with hosting so many videos.

Update — January 2014: Since this entry was written in 2011, the City of Fredericton has started to record regular meetings of City Council and post them on their website.

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